Pluto empowers water treatment systems to achieve optimal energy efficiency by predicting, forecasting, and simulating real-time hydraulic and biochemical processes at the plant.

Data pours in from SCADA, sensors, loggers and interconnected systems, each churning out thousands of individual data points every day. Until now, operators have been reliant on manual computations and institutional memory to determine the plant’s most efficient operating parameters.

Advanced Operators are now leveraging their investments in sensors and data collection systems discover efficiencies and optimize an array of treatment processes. Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence, operators are saving time and money with Pluto.

Pluto’s platform aggregates and analyzes existing data from SCADA, meters and sensors to determine the best operating parameters to spend the lowest amount of energy per gallon of water produced. We enable operators to harness the power of artificial intelligence by extracting actionable insights from their own data, empowering them to increase energy efficiency and reduce operating costs

Pluto’s approach empowers operators to attain treatment objectives in a quick, cost-effective manner