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Introducing Gravity

The Ultimate Industrial IoT Hub for Data-Driven Insights


The only end-to-end solution for ingesting, processing, and storing Industrial Operational Data

Built For Industry

Gravity has been deployed and proven at scale for global industrial leaders

Fully Managed

Fully configured, managed, and proactively monitored for performance and security

Centralize Your Operational Data

A primary challenge to realizing the benefits of digitalization is the process of assembling disparate data into a single repository. Plutoshift Gravity pulls all your operational and business data from any source, such as individual IoT sensors, dats historians, or back office systems. With flexible connection options (Webhook, API, adaptors, FTP, etc.), Gravity can establish automated data pipelines with any source at any frequency.

Unlock Your Data For Insights

Processing data for analysis is a complex, yet vital step in unlocking operational data. Gravity automates your entire industrial IoT data architecture, ingesting, cleansing, normalizing, and consolidating your operational and business data into a cloud data store. Key metrics are modeled from your data and made available via API to business users or applications for reporting and advanced analysis.

Secure And Monitor Your Data

Ensuring the security and consistent flow of data is critical to a resilient data strategy. Gravity IoT Hub is fully managed and proactively monitored and ensures the integrity of your data throughout the process.

End-To-End Industrial IoT Data Store

  • Connect

    Gather data from sensors and other operational and business systems
  • Process

    Ingest, cleanse, normalize, and consolidate data. Continuously monitor data transfer
  • Organize

    Unify disparate data into a single source of truth and structure for analysis
  • Distribute

    Make your data available across the enterprise to generate actionable insights Fully configured and managed by Plutoshift