The impact of big data in food processing is revolutionizing the way manufacturers compete in the marketplace. To deliver consistent, top notch quality that represent brand reputation and retail relationships, it is more crucial than ever to maintain long-term performance throughout the food production process. Many companies have made significant investments into IoT hardware and sensors, providing a wealth of data. Few are able to process those data streams into actionable insights to improve asset performance. The Plutoshift platform utilizes machine learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms to turn thousands of incoming data points into information for better, faster decision-making.

How Plutoshift can support your food
manufacturing processes:

  • Improve the process efficiency and yield of your production line while ensuring optimal product quality in each run.
  • Increase throughput and safeguard asset uptime with continuous intelligence.
  • Maintain high customer expectations at the lowest operational cost.
  • Improve wash water recovery and reduce resource loss.

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Markets Plutoshift supports:
Meat Processing
Snack food production
Baked Goods
Edible Oils & Extracts
Soups and Blended food products